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Jofer's Construction
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 8 reviews
by Olga Garcia on Jofer's Construction
DFI Bathroom Remodel

Outstanding job!
Raul gave me an honest and fair quote, and he proceeded to complete the job, as scheduled.
He is also very flexible - when asked to help with a couple of small projects, during the bathroom remodel, he did.
In addition, he has an eye for what works in regards to fixtures, color, and work flow, which was very helpful as we remodeled the bathroom. He also did the work as promised, and brought in 2 specialist to ensure that the work was done right.
I highly recommend Raul for your remodeling needs!

by Richard on Jofer's Construction
Excellent work done by RAUL. Rogue

I’ve had several jobs done by RAUL. In my home over the years my kitchen And my bathrooms, not only does he do excellent work, He’s very well organized and neat and clean and an excellent outstanding finish carpenter, he keeps his work truck well loaded with the latest tools and equipment needed for the job he’s quick and fast and honest I highly recommend him to anyone thank you for reading this testimonial on behalf of Raul Rouqe!

by Lola Pagan on Jofer's Construction
Blown Away!

I'm never to keen on spending money unless I have to. But I needed some work doing in my bathroom, it looked like it was stuck in the 80s. A friend of mine told me about this company and reiterated that they were very good at pricing things up, so I had them come over on the pretense that I didn't have a huge budget. I was amazed at what they said they could do for the money I had. The work is now completed, and I'm very pleased with the affordable bathroom remodel I got from this company. Thanks for being so frank with me, guys! You rock!

by Lisa Sanchez on Jofer's Construction
A Company That Does What You Ask Them to Do!

Our guest bathroom was appalling! I waited for my husband to do something about it, but he always had an excuse to get out of it, so I called this company. They managed to do everything necessary to bring it up to a standard that is more acceptable. Thank you for stepping in and doing a small guest bathroom remodel at such an affordable price! I will be inviting my mother-in-law to stay over now, just to get my own back! 

by Lola Pagan on Jofer's Construction

I never thought that so much could be done to such a small bathroom. I love all the little places I have to store things in, and the lighting makes it look much bigger. The mirror opposite the window throws out so much light too. The tiny bathroom remodel this company did was affordable and so enlightening!

by Laverne Watt on Jofer's Construction
Lost for Words!

My hair salon was starting to look a little dated. What's the point of telling your customers you are a leading hairstylist when the place you ask them to come leaves them wondering if that is really true! Anyway, these guys came over and took a look at what they could do to add a little spice to the place, and I must admit, it looks so modern, bright, and classy now! The floor to ceiling mirrors and the spotlights lift the place out of the Twentieth century and into the Twenty-first. The new faucets on the sinks and the classy reception desk, add so much character to the place! I can't wait to see what my clients think of the new look! Thanks for all your ideas, I will recommend your commercial remodeling services.

by Miley Orr on Jofer's Construction

The guys from this company did a fantastic job of the bathroom remodeling service they provided. Everything from the drywall painting, electrical work, and tiling. It was handled with precision, which has left me with a bathroom that looks awesome, and I can't wait to show it off to all my visitors! Thank you for an amazing experience!

by Nichole Lee on Jofer's Construction

I always wanted a tiny bathroom remodel because mine was a bit outdated. Found this company online and I saw they had good feedback so I hired them. The reviews speak for themselves! They were very professional and efficient. I got the look that I wanted for my bathroom thanks to them!

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